• Suzi Drew


The birds are singing a song of spring, lambs are following mothers in fields, daffodils blooming, bees buzzing.. and we are waiting for our beloved bluebells. They are last to arrive at the party, fashionably late as if to demonstrate their status. But when they come they’ll be worth the wait.

These bluebells are so magical.

While walking the woods last week Joe & I came across a jar, inside was a beautiful letter written to the woods by the previous owners grandchildren prior to our purchasing the farm. It recounted how much they loved those bluebells & the memories made there. It truely touched us. We left it back safely under the tree. So precious.

We’ve made our own memories here especially egg-citing is our horseback Easter egg hunt! Finishing with a picnic in the woods. We can’t wait!

And too we are waiting for our campers & glampers. It’s due to your patronage that we are able to maintain these wild areas beloved by our bluebells.

We so hope 2021 will be kinder to us all & allow you too to see these stunning displays of indigo and purple. And smell their amazing scent for yourselves..

That’s our Easter prayer.

We hope to see you again very soon & in the mean time have a lovely Easter from us all here at Belan Bluebells


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