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Getting started! 10/10 rating on!

Its so nerve wracking trying something new, starting a business. Especially when it's at your home, in a location you think is pretty special. Ive been truly frozen with fear at times, unable to take the plunge - to actually click 'go' on a website to advertise us.

After weeks of wash out rain we opened, almost by accident - our 1st guest arrived with an hours notice! No time to fret there! & the sunshine appeared. Then we were fully booked for the bank holiday. The weather was glorious enabling the campers to see our far reaching almost mountain views! At night I could just about hear the laughter, the clink of a glass, the crackle of their camp fire, the smell of something cooking.. And with clear skies... the stars did me proud. It was like this amazing place wanted to show our 1st guests just what it had to offer... What had been here hidden forever.

We said our goodbyes, then more campers came, and more after. And the & facebook reviews started flooding in. The kind words, the pictures, the reassurance that they truly had enjoyed themselves and that

we'd done it well enough was so overwhelming. We've already got repeat bookings too!

We've had amazing but obviously short season, but its given me just what I needed - permission to get out of my own way & get on with it! You see I wanted things 'perfect'. But sometimes you just have to start somewhere & see where it leads. Thanks to our lovely guests I've the confidence to think 'yes!' its going to be ok, I CAN do this. And when you're head & heart are on the line... thats priceless..

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